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Filter Concept is an ISO 9001, 14001, & 18001 certified company, having various product certifications such as U, Um, R, NB, and CE. It is one of the largest and fast growing filtration company, focusing mainly on industrial filtration. Filter Concept is known for its technical expertise and application analysis. With this expertise, Filter Concept is catering to its industrial clients from more than 78 countries across the globe, spanning over 50 industries. To combat the challenges posed by the industrial pollution, Filter Concept has supplied numbers of Industrial Dust Collection units to industries, with some of its patented technologies. Globally, industries are facing challenges to meet desired level of emission of air, to the atmosphere. As per the general guidelines of Pollution Control Boards of India, industries have to restrict their emission level from 50-150 mg/m3 (PPM) depending upon the nature of industries. Various industries have to deal with various pollutants, depending upon their productions. Filter concept facilitated the industries to design, manufacture and supply these Industrial Dust Collection units to restrict their air pollutants to as low as 10 mg/m3 (PPM). Filter concept has kept on improving this air emission level to the industries with its technical expertise in Indian market and overseas as well. Thus, it has also contributed to a great extent in minimising the air pollution within the industrial sector.

Filter concept has started witnessing similar challenges in domestic indoor air quality since past few years. We have witnessed that our indoor air quality index has been increasing very heavily. This has affected human health very badly. Looking at these challenges, Filter Concept has devised a product for domestic and household use, named ‘

Air Concept – An Air Purifier

’. Before demonstrating Air Concept, we would like to highlight major challenges faced by human beings due to poor indoor air quality so far, and the reasons of bad quality of air.




We have witnessed a sudden rise in air pollution surrounding us. Our outdoor air quality is deteriorating day by day, and we are aware of the reasons as well. Major reasons include emissions from the industries and vehicles, expansion of construction sites and its emission, and dwindling levels of plantations.


The walls we use to shelter and protect our family are made from materials that continuously trap airborne chemicals, gases, particles and odor. Indoor air pollution is as harmful as outdoor air pollution. Level of indoor air pollution in our country is very high, mainly due to poor ventilation, faulty design of homes and offices, humidifiers with stagnant water, poorly maintained AC systems and incense sticks. Indoor air polution is an invisible killer. While indoor air pollution affects people with asthama and allergies the most, it is a major health concern for all. We spend 85% of our time indoors in homes and offices. As a result, an efficient air purifier is now just as important as healthy eating and clean water to a healthier lifestyle. It is important to understand how bad indoor air quality can affect us.


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Our multistage Filtration Technology HEPA traps 99.9% airborne particles that are larger than 0.01 microns. Our unique air purifiers use two different mechanisms to clean air. The outer filters work like sieves to stop the larger particles like dirt, dust or hair to pass through them. Following which, smaller particles are trapped by a concertina with folded high Efficeiency and patented filter media . The air purifier traps the particles by inertial impaction, diffusion, interception and sieving depending on the particle size and releases clean and pure air from the other side.

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