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Filter Concept, India’s leading an air quality management company focuses on technology innovation and products to improve quality of air and help people breathe pure. The company, led by technological innovations creates smart solutions that facilitates people to breathe pure, no matter where they are. AirConcept’s wide range of product

Commercial Air Purifier An Innovation By Filter Concept

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Use of Commercial Air Purifier

Studies and research prove that indoor air pollution is far more dangerous than the outdoor air pollution. The perils of indoor air pollution are 5 times more drastic than outdoor air pollution. We spend most our times in indoor. Indoor air quality at workplaces is a matter of serious concern these days. Most of the workplaces and corporate offices are located in city and have air conditioners throughout the building. Where there are Aβ€˜s no ventilation is there and ventilation in offices are generally done through the AC vents hence There is limited fresh air circulation and that leads to various health issues such as nose and throat irritation, congestion, asthma, respiratory diseases, headache, lethargy, mild depression, sneezing, cough and wheezing, memory lapse etc. we need to purify the indoor air at commercial places to ensure the pure and healthy air for everyone.

Whether you need clean air in your business, home or commercial property, we are there to suggest you the best air purification solution for your needs. Our commercial air purifiers remove 99.99% of the smallest airborne particles. Plus you get the best in odor control. Whether it’s dust, tobacco smoke, fume extraction, we have you covered.

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