Air Purifier AC-250 Plus

AC – 250 – Plus

Ozone-free, compact, portable advanced indoor air purification device with noise <61 dB (A) and 97% result.


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Dimension(HxBxL): 550 x 165 x 335 mm


This advanced model is installed with negative ionizer With a CADR of 250 m3 / h. it removes all the pollutants like dust, allergens and foul smell and eliminates the chances of diseases caused by bacteria and virus. The process takes as less as 15 minutes to purify the room’s air. This air purifier helps in enhancing cardiovascular system of the body by increasing brain oxygen. Also, it makes sure that there is no irritation caused by pet hair and cooking & paint fumes.

The purification technology used has seven stages of purification. The air gets purified by seven filters namely. 1.Primary Filter -1, 2.High Efficiency HEPA Filter, 3.Activated Carbon Filter, 4.Zeolite, 5.Photo Catalyst Filter, 6.Ultraviolet Sterilize Light and 7.Anion Release

The purifier is of the size of a printer and is easily portable.

The negative ions released by filter are the ones that are found near waterfalls, forest and mountains. They keep you and your family fresh and vitalized.

The purifier comes with an easy to operate remote control and can be operated manually too. The LED display ensures that the purifier and its functioning can be easily monitored.


  • Auto air quality control with odor sensor and indicator
  • 3 grades of wind speed control, large flow rate rapidly purifies indoor air
  • 1-8 Hr Timer with Sleep Mode function
  • Negative anion releasing 10 Million Ions/cm3
  • 7-Stage Purifying : 1.Primary Filter -1, 2.High Efficiency HEPA Filter, 3.Activated Carbon Filter, 4.Zeolite, 5.Photo Catalyst Filter, 6.Ultraviolet Sterilize Light and 7.Anion Release
  • Hi efficient Motor – Quiet, low electricity consumption and 30,000 hours life time.
  • Remote control and touch panel control
  • Air Quality Color Indicator


ModelAC- 250 plus
Clean Air Delivery Rate250m3/hr
WeightNet Weight = 7.0 Kgs
Gross Weight = 7.9 Kgs
Power & Voltage45W
220-50 Hz
Noise<61 dB (A)
Way OF ControlRemote Control and Touch Panel Control
Filter Change IndicatorFilter Change Indicator
Grades of Wind Speed4 Grades
OzoneOzone Free
Products Size328*188*523 (L*W*H)(MM)
Filter Details1st Compounded Filter: Coldcatalyst Net & Honeycomb Active Carbon Net
2nd Compounded Filter: Antibacterial and Antiviral nonwoven fabric Net & 0.01um High efficient HEPA
Product Functions• Remove 97% odors, tobacco smoke, fume, food smell, beverage smell, pet smell.
• Eliminate 99.7% dust, pollen, allergy, mold
• Remove 99.9% formaldehyde, benzene and other TVOC
• Kill bacterial, virus, germs
• Help you breathe and sleep better and improve human immunity.
• Clear static, restore the body’s activity
Purification Process 1. Elementary filter is made of aluminum as a frame and filled with sponges. It can be washable and you don’t need to replace with new elementary filter. This filter is mainly used to remove larger particulate matters like hair & dust etc.
2. HEPA  this filter captures almost all the particles in the air that are >0.3 micron, the removal rate of PM2.5 is 99.7%
3. Activated carbon is used to remove formaldehyde, benzene, TVOc, smells and odor  in door
4. Molecular sieve is kind of cubic crystal aluminosilicate compounds, this filter is used to remove benzenes, xylems variety of chloroforms and other harmful gases  thoroughly
5. Photo catalyst is kind of titanium dioxide. Under the light it can be promote the chemical reactions for UV to kill bacterial on the filters surface but without change to photo catalyst itself
6. UV lamp is used to sterilizing. It can destroy microbial molecular of DNA and kill variety of bacteria
7. Negative air ions, the molecular formula of negative ion is o2-(H2o)n/OH-(H2O)/ CO4-(H2O)n. that can make the air indoor cleaner. The negative ions have effect on sedation, hypnoses, analgesia, prevention cough , blood press and appetite. It can also make people feel relaxed and full on vigor

Performance Indicator

Product Name:AC- 250 plus
Rated Voltage:220-50 Hz
Rated Frequency:50 Hz
Rated Power:45W

Primary Filter -1

There are lot of contaminants like particles of dust, pet dander and other allergens. They are captured by Pre-Filter. This helps in increasing the longevity of HEPA filters. Pre-filter removes the bigger particles and protects the HEPA filter from clogging. The main function of pre-filter is to reduce expenses that can result from clogging of HEPA filter.

High Efficiency HEPA Filter

The precision of the HEPA filter is 0.01 micron, and is able to eliminate particles which are larger than 0.01 micron, with the filtration rate of 99% or more. Dust, bacteria, fungi, viruses, allergens, and other small and tiny particles are not able to get through the HEPA filter.

Activated Carbon Filter

The treatment of carbon with oxygen opens up multiple tiny pores on the surface of the carbon. The pores are so much in number, that one pound of activated carbon provides 60-150 acres of surface area. It works on the concept of adsorption. The gas elements bond with the surface of solid. Activated carbon is the solid material, which adsorbs air pollutants that are 60% of its weight. Once they are absorbed by filters, the purified air leaves from the other side. Activated Carbon carries high efficient additives. It has good adsorption and dust collection characteristics.


Media is added with Activated Carbon to adsorb such gases and reduce allergy problems. It can be used to dry sports shoes, reduce moisture and is commonly used to adsorb cigarette odours. A very useful carpet cleaner had zeolite as its base material.

Photo Catalyst Filter

  • The cold catalyst will play a catalyst effect in normal living environment without any external assistance like UV light, sunlight, high temperature, or pressure.
  • It catalyses the formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC, hydrogen sulphide, and other harmful gases to work with oxygen, and then decompose them into water and carbon dioxide.
  • The cold catalyst itself does not change during the decomposition action, thus the cold catalyst is long lasting and can be valid up to 5 years.
  • The main ingredients of the catalyst are food and medicine addictives. Therefore, the product is of non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-inflammable. It works under normal condition and produces only water and carbon dioxide.
  • The cold catalyst can be used to deal with formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC, hydrogen sulphide, and other harmful gases released by plywood, furniture, wallpapers, carpets, curtains, and bedspreads.

Ultraviolet Sterilize Light

A variety of bacteria can be killed by the 245nm ultraviolet light, the UV germicidal lamp is used to purify the air and it is able to eliminate odour caused by smoke and mould. Besides, it also produces a certain amount of negative ions, which freshens the air in the room while avoiding the spreading of certain viruses

Anion Release

The ionizer releases large amount of anions and makes the oxygen negatively-charged, thus gathering the positively-charged particles like floating dust, bacteria, viruses, and smoke. The particles become denser and stick to the ground. The smaller the particle size, the higher the capture rate.


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