Mobile Air Purifier for Men


Mobile Air Purifier for men with 4-layered mechanics and rechargeable battery life of 4-6 hours.


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MAP-M is an effective mobile air purifier designed for especially for men and is a built-in micro-motor turbo charger to actively bring in fresh purified air and enable smooth breath. Its built-in anti-leak lithium battery using anti explosion packaging which makes it much safer and efficient after every charge; than any other traditional lithium battery, which holds a battery life of 4-6 hours, after every charge. The new technology of four-layer composite protective filter screen can effectively filter the subtle hazardous particles in a swift. The fluid mechanics help in quick discharge of the respiratory waste gas and avoid the second time respiratory pollution as the breather valve forms the micro-positive pressure within the air purifier.

This mobile air purifier which is especially designed for men consists of food-friendly buffered silicone in the mechanics which is to be considered the safest and more-friendly to the human being’s respiratory operations and skin. The mask is built with special 4 layered mechanics

2.Filter element
3.Main machine
4.Buffered silicone

The battery is considered to be the engine of the machine and therefore extra care is supposed to be taken for the charging of the battery. This model is especially designed in accordance with befitting the requirements for a man.


  • Adopts ABS and friendly materials of high intensity.
  • Built-in anti-leak lithium battery with anti-explosion packaging
  • 4-6 hours battery life, after every charge.
  • 4 layered mechanism, 1.mask, 2.filter element, 3.main machine, 4. Silica gel
  • 4-layered composite protective filter screen
  • Fluid mechanics help quick discharge of 2nd time respiratory waste.


ModelMAP – M
Clean Air Delivery Rate6.96 cube meters per hours of air blow, 6 times than human needed breath air flow
CertificationROHS, CE
Gross Weight400 g
Power & Voltage3.7V
Battery Capacity750mA
Working Hours4-6Hours
Time Of Charging2.5 – 3 Hours
Noise≤ 61dB (A)
Products Size95*9 3.6*61 MM
Filter Size70*77*20MM
Filter Details4 layers of filter
Anti-bacteria paper, active carbon, HEPA filter , non-woven fabric


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