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What Does The Indoor Air Contain?

We spend most of the time indoors unaware of the fact that the air we breathe is polluted with contaminants that can cause severe troubles to our health. Breathing such a polluted air affects our health in ways more than one. The pollutants are microscopic and aren’t visible through naked eyes. It is imperative to know about different pollutants that contaminate air.


    Bacteria are minute organisms that are responsible for common cold and influenza that can aggravate disease like asthma.

  • ODOR

    Long exposure to bad odor or food smell can cause irritation in nose and other health risks.


  • PM0.3

    Air contains particulate matter of 0.3 microns. These particles can easily enter the lungs and damage health.


  • PM2.5

    PM2.5 is the particulate matter of the size 2.5 microns. They are suspended in the air and can cause health risks.

  • PM10

    PM10 contains particulates matter of the size 10 microns. They can create severe health problems.


    Pollens are produced by trees and plants and cause health risks like asthma.



    Virus is a microbe that causes infections like flu and viral diseases.

  • VOC

    VOC or volatile organic compounds are variety of chemicals that can affect health adversely.


    Mildew is a white color coating that contains fungus and gives musty strong smell. The term mildew is used for mold growth.


    Smoke contains soot particles and when inhaled can lead to lung cancers.

  • DUST

    Dust particles can cause irritation in eyes, nose and lungs.


    Radioactive decay of radium can produce gas like radon. Radon seeps into skin and damages organs.

Air Concept Air Purifiers: Providing Full Range Purification

Air Concept Air Purifiers

Air Concept’s air purifiers are equipped with an intelligently designed multi-stage Air Concept Technology and utilize seven layers of protection to eradicate VOCs, cigarette and cigar smoke, food smell, paint smell, varnish smell and particulates (PM2.5/PM10). Purifiers designed by Air Concept are technologically advanced and austerely tested. They ensure efficient filtration and distribute pure air in indoor spaces like homes, corporate offices, and other set-ups that have closed environment.


Air Concept’s air purifiers provide protection against bacteria and viruses. The presence of bacteria and viruses in the air are detrimental to health and leads to viral infections and flu. The combination of filters like photo-catalyst, HEPA/ULPA filter and molecular sieve media ensures the removal of allergens and virus carrying pollutants in the air.


Best quality HEPA filter and high grade ULPA filter are used to solve problem of pollens in the indoor air. The pre-filter keeps the pollens away from remaining suspended in the air. The use of effective filters makes sure that people with health problems like asthma are safer with clean air to breathe.



Bacteria in the air can aggravate breathing problems. Air Concept’s activated carbon filter, photo catalyst and high grade HEPA filter remove most of the bacteria from the air and ensure that the air we breathe is clean.


Presence of toxic gases like SOx, NOx and H2S gas in the air can worsen breathing problems, cardiac issues and COPD. Air Concept air purifiers use Air Concept technology that has combination of 10 filters. It ensures removal of 100% toxic gases from the indoor environment.

Your Air Purification Expert

Air Concept Technology is Air Concept’s indigenously designed purification technology which focuses on eradicating various pollutants present in the environment. Pollutants and contaminants from gases, particulates, bacteria, virus, smell, smoke and other harmful suspended particles are present in the air. Using a single filtration technology will not ensure eradication of all the pollutants in the air. It is imperative to use multi-stage filtration technologies. Air Concept Technology utilizes intelligently designed multi-stage filtration to provide pure air.

Air Concept purifiers efficiently purifies toxic air pollutants like formaldehyde, VOC, benzene and ammonia. It ensures the removal of odors, dust, bacteria, viruses, mold, chemical fumes, smokes and other contaminants.


  • PM2.5

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